Senior Citizens

This ministry is  handled by each zone pastor. It provides care, love and attention to the needs of the senior members of our church. Social outings and fellowship are arranged on a monthly basis. We also see to their medical, physiological and spiritual needs.

Social Outreach

“If you give to the poor you lend to the LORD”. This ministry caters for the poor, homeless and all those that are financially disadvantaged.  We also provide lunch for scholars in the local school that are less fortunate.

Educational Support

This ministry  provides financial assistance towards  students’ school fees, stationery and school uniforms.

Medical Support

We have medical doctors, nurses and volunteers that reach out to people in need of medical attention. Our medical team provide mobile clinics in rural areas, where they examine patients and provide free health education free of charge.

Hospital Ministry

We are a church that cares for its family. Our volunteers reach out to people who are sick and hospitalised. We visit patients in hospitals and homes; and encourage and pray for them.