Highway Radio

Tune in to Highway Radio (101.5fm) every Monday at 9:00am and listen to Pastor Clive deliver the word of God in your space. This is a weekly ministry.

Marriage Enrichment

Our marriage enrichment curriculum is designed for couples contemplating marriage as well as for married couples. The course focuses on the important aspects of marriage. It is based on biblical principles for couples to experience blessed and fulfilled marriages.

School of Prayer

The name Conquering Through Prayer suggests a “praying church”. People of God need to reach the stage where we don’t pray aimlessly but pray laser focused prayers. We have started the School of Prayer with over 242 students. There are lessons on Mondays @ 7.00pm and repeats on Wednesdays @ 9:00am.

Deliverance Course

Those experiencing spiritual challenges and need deliverance are invited to the Deliverance Class held once a month. A lesson on the past, witchcraft, the occult, black and white magic is taught. People are prayed over and spirits are exorcised. For counseling and prayer in this area you may call the church office.

101 New Believers Course

If you are a new believer looking for guidance, the 101 New Believers Course will help you to learn more about God and how to live your life, serving and worshiping God. This 3-hour course offers the fundamental principles for “new believers”. Those who recently accepted the Lord Jesus can choose to be baptized and fully embrace their new chosen way of life.

201 Discipleship Course / New Members Teas

The 201 Discipleship Course offers you the chance to become part of the Conquering Through Prayer family. We want to equip you with the resources needed to gain a good understanding of what the church strives for and its visions and goals. This 3-hour course is not only about becoming a church member but also teaches the Word of God. Upon completion of this course a certificate is issued. This course is designed to make sure that the congregation is founded on the same ground

301 Leadership course

The 301 Leadership course, adopted from the church’s vision: Moving from influence to authority”  is for those who want to share in this vision by becoming workers and leaders in the church. Pastor Clive  shares the church’s vision with those that have dedicated their time to helping the local church. To ensure that this vision is not lost along the way, refresher courses are also held for existing workers and leaders. Cell leadership training falls under this ministry also.